Specialising in marketing a whole range of UL/CSA/MIL standard Wires that directly supplied from our factories of Sumitomo group.

Automotive Cables


This wire is suitable for applications in the engine or in the headlamp. The insultation material is cross-linked fluoroelastomer, heat resistance in the wiring for automobiles.

Sensor Cables for Antilock Brake System

Sensor cables for Antilock Brake Systems in automobiles are outstanding at resisting vibration since their conductors are rope-lay copper alloy. Irradiated cross-linked polyurethane jackets have much resistance to flying road debris and hot water. In addition, they have excellent heat and flame resistance.

Low Attenuation Coaxial Cables

Mobile communication market (base station, navigation, VICS, etc.)


ARX-9 insulation material is irradiated cross-linked fluoroelastomer which has heat resistance of 200° C rating. This wire is suitable for wiring in high-temperature areas, such as engine compartments, headlights and automatic transmissions.