Specialising in marketing a whole range of UL/CSA/MIL standard Wires that directly supplied from our factories of Sumitomo group.

Data Transmission Cable and Cables Assembly

In line with the increasing speed and performance of personal computers, interface cables linking external peripherals and multimedia equipment are becoming smaller and capable of faster speeds. Using our foamed insulation and other technologies, we supply high-performance, highly flexible cables ideal for all types of applications and which also comply with international standards, such as IEEE 1284, 1394, SCSI-3 and USB.

Network Cables

For the office LAN market, we have a wide range of cables for use in all types of network, such as Ethernet, Token Ring and ATM, etc. All these cables have passed UL flame test. Requirements for Category 5 cables are especially stringent. these cables support data transmissions of up to 100 Mbps, and our Category 5 cables and wiring components all use low-loss, low-crosstalk twisted-pair wires.

Cables for use in Medical and CCD Camera Applications

These cables are used in medical endoscopes which are inserted directly into body cavities, need to be extremely thin in order to minimize discomfort and prevent injury on patients. By combining CCD camera with ultra thin multicore coaxial cable to obtain high resolution image while under the outer diameter size constraints, optical fibres are used to achieve image ten times better than that of using normal cables. In addition, we provide an ultrasound endoscope to allow internal stems to be examined. These ultra thin cables use ultra thin metallic wires of less than 50 microns diameter for the multicore coaxial wire conductors to provide very high resolutions images, with low-tension control.
Characteristics: Conform to UL 796 (Printed Wiring Boards) and UL 758 (Appliance Wiring Material).