Specialising in marketing a whole range of UL/CSA/MIL standard Wires that directly supplied from our factories of Sumitomo group.

Flexible Flat Cables (FFC)

The functions of all kinds of electronic and electrical machinery and equipment will become more sophisticated in the future providing increased comfort and wealth in our daily lives. The SUMIFLAT Cables of Sumitomo Electric Industries are pioneering products in the flat cable industry, providing unprecedented flexibility coupled with a light weight and slim construction. Their use has become indispensable in electronic machinery and equipment. These high qualtiy products, which have been improved in numerous ways on the basis of unique technologies, are widely used in all fields from consumer products to industrial applications.
Amid today's current trend toward a global information society, Sumitomo Electric Industries employs a state-of-the-art technological development process, for both raw materials and manufacturing, and is market leader within the industry. Sumitomo Electric Industries will continue to use creative technology to manufacture the products and consolidated wiring systems demanded by todays society.

These flat cables are light weight and thin, but carry a maximum conductor density and they can be inserted into a connector (female socket) with a simple one-touch operation. They are widely utilized in all types of electronic equipment and products. When they were first developed in 1975, the pitch between conductors was 2.54 mm. But advanced high-density mounting techniques have enabled the conductor pitch to be as close as 0.5 mm. Moveover, based on our own unique proprietary processing technology, we are now able to product many different special wiring patterns (in a folding a bending process), in addition to the conventional parallel wiring. Furthermore, we also supply shielded products which prevent high-frequency noise (electromagnetic radiation).
Terminal shapes are available for cables for connection to connectors, or connectioin by soldering, etc.

Folding, slitting and special terminal processing are possible to adapt to special wiring patterns. We can supply a number of flat cables in response to special requirements, such as using adhesive tape for fastening, mounting PET parts or changing insulation colour (black).

Jumper Lead Wires

Typical flat cables, which are used to connect printed circuit boards, consist of a series of round conductors sandwiched by the insulating material, and are usually soldered into place. In addition to this standard product, we also make Ribbon Jumper Wires, which are secured at fixed intervals by tape only where required. They are widely used for wiring in tight spaces.

Ribbon Cables

These flat cables are formed by thermal fusion of the insulating cores at any pitch. Ribbon Jumper Lead Cables, which are intermittently fixed with fusion tape, provide superior mounting and storing freedom and are widely used in various fields.

Shield Products

EMC has become an important issue along with the trend toward highter-speed, higher-frequency signals in machinery and equipment. It has become esential for machinery and equipment to conform to regulations such as CISPR, and IEC, etc. The requirements for shielding of the wiring materials have become more stringent in recent years as a way of meeting these requirements. We can supply a variety of shielded products in addition to standardized products for fixed wiring use, such as for low capacitance, impedance matching and wiring of moving parts in printers, scanners, etc.

Battery Pack

For wiring of battery packs, we can supply tab cards that can be used in any pattern and straight pattern wiring materials that are suitable for wiring between cells.

These are flat cables developed for computers, which have become indispensable in todays information-based society. We are ready to supply many types of cables according to your application.

Sumicard assembled into Flexible Printed Circuit

This cost saving technology replaces part of the FPC with Sumicard. An example of such application is the cable used in Ink Jet Printer.

Pitch 0.5 mm Frame Lead

Frame lead is highly fexible that assembling of printed circuit board is possible even after mounting. New frame lead is having a pitch size of as small as 0.5mm. Additionally, in order to realize automatic mounting of flat cables similar to that for IC and chip parts, high precision flat cables, formed by press working from conductors are developed.

Halogen-Free SUMI-CARD

Halogen-Free SUMI-CARD is an environmentally friendly flexible flat cable. Halogens, such as Bromine, Chlorine, Fluorine and Iodine are not used in its insulation and conductors are Lead free. Environmental measures are taken into account in all materials used.