Specialising in marketing a whole range of UL/CSA/MIL standard Wires that directly supplied from our factories of Sumitomo group.

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)

Extremely light weight, compact and highly flexible printed circuit are available in both single and double-sided circuitry. These FPC can be customized based on the specification of our valuable customers. The applications of FPC has mushroomed in instruments like computer disk drives, cameras, calculators, printers, tape decks and lots of electronic products.

Type D Shielding Flex FPC

Characteristics :

  • Complies with VCCI, FCC (Federal Communications and Commission) regulations.
  • Eliminates outside and cross-talk noises and enforce reliability of the electric circuit.
  • Make-to-specification by customers even with complicated electric components mounted together.
  • Relative Cost-effective as compared to conventional folded-shield FPC.
  • Excellent and reliable in terms of flexibility, migration and other properties attributed to our special film insulation know-how.
  • UL Approved with 94V-0 (E67580).
  • FPC recognized by UL

  • Conforms to UL 796 (printed wiring boards) and UL 758 (Appliance Wiring Material).
  • Terminal Flex FPC

  • Enables high density terminations by specially designed comb configuration.
  • Achieves highly reliable termination by soldering method.
  • Easy designing of circuits as the location of terminal ends are chosen at any corners.
  • Compatibile with a general FPC usage with UL Approval.

  • Fine Pitch FPC

    As electronic devices are getting more complex, demand for fine pitch flex are sought after. Fine pitch FPC enables the implementation of COF (Chip-on-flex) design with a circuit width of 30 mm and a spece between circuites of 30 mm. Such applications are used mainly in hard disk drives, cellular phones, video tape recorder and so on. Such applications are also extended to IC packaging using flex based such as TBGA and CSP which are in volume production.

    Flip-Chip on Flex (FCOF)

    To meet customer needs for complex parts mounting, which are indispensable for high-density information transmission, we have established flip-chip mounting technology for FPC applications. This technology has been contributing to the realisation of high density, compact equipment such as HDDs, communication devices and other electronic devices.

    Thin, Highly-Flexible FPC used in OPU

    To help produce more compact and much lighter electronic equipment, we offer thin, highly-flexible FPC products. With anti-flexing property under high temperature, these products are suitable for wiring to moving parts requiring high reliablilty.