Specialising in marketing a whole range of UL/CSA/MIL standard Wires that directly supplied from our factories of Sumitomo group.

Wires and Cables

As the wires become ever smaller in size and superior in performance, computers, switchboards and other electrical, electronic devices demand wiring that are more complicated and advanced. Lighter and smaller wire with a better space factor has become necessary for this technological tendency. To meet these requirements, Sumitomo Electric produces a wide range of wires and cables which simplify wiring and improve operational efficiency.

These wires are also Underwriters Laboritories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recognized. Sumitomo Electric developed the technology of irradiated cross-linked polyethylene and cross-linked PVC. After irradiation, they possess both improved heat resistance and wire end workability (for soldering). They are widely used under the trade name of Irrax wire.

Wires for use in the Electric Consumer Products

The name of Irrax wire is derived from Irradiated Cross (X) Linked Plastics. Irrax wires are produced by using an electron beam to irradiate a plastic insulated wires in order to improve the resistance to heat and abrasion. They are used in TVs, VCRs, and other types of appliances and equipment, and are also used in the wiring of automobiles. It is designed for use where very large or excessive electric currents or a high-temperature soldering process are applied.